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I ♥ Tibiao Fish Spa pins

Weve just come up with a Tibiao Fish Spa pin for those guests looking for souvenirs so they can bring home (or carry around) their fishpalaxing memories. This is just the first pin design and we hope to come up with more along with T-shirts, mugs, and well see what else. The price for this one is very affordable at only P35 each.

Thanks to all those who have already bought the pin. We sure ♥ you too! =)

Share the Fishpalaxing Experience this Christmas

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The new Tibiao Fish Spa at SM City Iloilo

Thousands of little fish have been busy nibbling on the tired, calloused feet of delighted Ilonggos since the opening of Tibiao Fish Spa at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo last October 20, 2010.

The fish are said to feed on the dead layers of skin cells of clients while at the same time stimulating pressure points to relax the body and release stress.

While some people are terrified at first that the treatment will hurt, they soon find out it’s actually very tickly which is why the fish spa is normally filled with laughter and occasional shrieks from thrilled guests.

Operations manager Rex Delsar Dianala, who co-owns the business, explained that laughter is still the best medicine.

“It’s good for you. Laughter relaxes the heart, boosts our immune system, and reduces the level of stress hormones. Plus, we all know it feels good to laugh especially in the company of our family and friends.”

“The tickly experience lasts for only a few minutes before the sensation of hundreds of fish nibbling on your feet like little masseurs will slide you into a deep sense of relaxation,” Dianala adds.

For those who really want to indulge in the “fishpalaxing” experience, Tibiao Fish Spa also offers a VIP service where you could sit on soft leather sofas while enjoying the fish therapy in a private curtained area supplied with warm lighting. They also have massage and reflexology services to complete your dose of relaxation.

Classic Fish Spa

VIP Fish Spa

A different kind of fish spa

While fish spas are not entirely new especially in Singapore and Malaysia where they have become very popular, Tibiao Fish Spa stands out because they use fish locally found in the town of Tibiao, in Antique where the business also opened its first branch just last year.

“Other fish spas use imported ‘Doctor Fish’ which are very expensive to acquire and maintain,” reveals General Manager Flord Nicson Calawag who is also one of the owners.

“That’s why we could offer our services at very affordable prices unlike other fish spas in the Philippines and abroad because we are now able to breed our own fish back in Antique.”

But other than the type of fish and the soft leather sofas, another of Tibiao Fish Spa’s innovations are the different sizes of fish stocked in separate tanks that clients could choose from.

“Our beginner tanks are stocked with small fish which gently nibble on our layers of dead skin cells,” explained Calawag. “Meanwhile, the larger fish in our extreme tanks do the heavy duty work of removing calluses and thicker patches of skin”

Technical Manager and Co-owner Noel Ferriols, also assures those worried about the idea of sharing water with strangers that they have nothing to worry about.

“While we change our water once to three times daily, we also employ a recirculating system that continuously subjects the water to sediment and activated carbon filters as well as UV sterilization. Plus you can imagine our fish are forever bathed in mouthwash since our water is slightly chlorinated.”

Opened due to insistent demand

Tibiao Fish Spa finally opened their permanent outlet in SM City Iloilo after frequent prodding from Ilonggo guests visiting their original Tibiao branch which is about a 4-hour drive from Iloilo City and 2 hours from Boracay.

“We started with a makeshift fish spa in a vacant space here in the mall, but when people kept coming back, we decided to stay,” revealed Ferriols.

Ferriols adds that since Tibiao Fish Spa opened in Iloilo City, not only locals have been coming to have their regular fish pedicure, but tourists from all over the continents have also been finding their way to the spa to experience the novel fish treatment.

“We are glad that our branch here in Iloilo City is slowly becoming a tourist destination in itself. It will surely complement the heritage buildings and the food for which the city is already known for.”

Calawag, Dianala, and Ferriols, who are college friends from the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences of the University of the Philippines Visayas in Iloilo founded Tibiao Fish Spa last year with the aim of offering a new venue for recreation and relaxation for everyone at affordable prices.

Were staying in SM City Iloilo!

Thanks to the thousands of guests who discovered the coolness of the Tibiao Fish Spa lifestyle, we will be staying much, much longer in SM City Iloilo. Watch out very soon, this October. Tibiao Fish Spa will be opening a bigger and better facility to offer everyone the ultimate fish spa experience. Lots of surprises are in store, so get ready for the truly fishpalaxing lifestyle!

Were now at SM City Iloilo!

Tibiao Fish Spa is now on exhibit at the premier shopping center in Western Visayas. Find us at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo, beside Baron Barber Shop and in front of Iloilo Bingo.

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