I never thought that resisting was futile and letting fish eat me alive could be such a fun experience I dipped my feet on the beginner tank on the first day then happily came back for the Extreme and Super Extreme Fish Tank the next day..Guiltless Getaways in Manila, the Philippines and Abroad

..They were laughing and giggling all the time that the other kid who was kinda frightened braves it at last. It was really great seeing the family enjoying and having fun -A One of a Kind Experience at Tibiao Fish Spa | Lagawan

If you are visiting Iloilo City or you have friends coming, Tibiao Fish Spa is a must-do. It will never fail to impress and delight visitors just like my mom. Valerie Caulin

Admittedly, fish spa has now been a part of my itinerary everytime I am in Iloilo. I just love to ticklish feeling. its a cheaper way of taking a break and relaxing the tired feet. Byahilo

We felt like all of our dead skins were gone after ten minutes or so. We decided to have 30 minutes of foot pampering and thats only Php100.00! Dirt cheap! and compared to all the foot scrubs Ive gone, this is totally the best, not to say, tickly! FlipFloppingAroundTown

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